Custom Blinds for Jacksonville Windows

We have everything you could want for your windows – from plantation shutters to wood blinds. And when you’re looking for the biggest selection of quality blinds in Jacksonville, look no further.

Polywood Blinds® are some of the strongest and most durable blinds you can find in Jacksonville – all custom-tailored for your windows. All blinds come with our exclusive headrail system, smooth wood routing for a classy look, and hold-down bracket that makes sure your blinds won’t sway. We offer you numerous choices in colors, configurations, and beyond. Not to mention, we’ll bring samples of all our blinds to your home as part of our complimentary home design.

From our moisture-resistant Polywood Faux Wood Blinds to natural Polywood Basswood Blinds, you can find a blind to match every room in your home. But colors and textures aren’t the only ways that can tailor the look of your blinds. Valances are able to add either a traditional or a contemporary touch, and you’re even able to choose how you open and shut your blinds, including wand tilt, cord tilt, or motorized blinds.

Browse through our full line of blinds that features wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds and beyond. 

Polywood Faux Wood Blinds

The strength, waterresistance, and expert craftsmanship you know from Polywood® plantation shutters are now available in easy-to-use blinds.

Jacksonville white faux wood blinds

Polywood Faux Wood Blinds are built from a solid patented material and are totally water-resistant, making them perfect for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom or any high humidity area. Stronger than standard metal blinds, faux wood blinds can add a look of clean grace to any room in your home.

Similar to Polywood shutters, Polywood faux wood blinds are offered in a range of five white and near-white colors, with a clean or textured finish. A wide array of wood color paints, from Golden Oak to Walnut, are also available for a fuller, more evocative style. You can even match the colors of your tassels, ladders, and pull cord for a more harmonious presentation.

Polywood blinds in a bathroom 

Polywood Basswood Blinds

Sunburst’s premier real wood blinds are constructed from furniture-grade basswood, which gives them natural strength and beauty. Putting the appeal of natural hardwood right inside your home, Polywood Basswood blinds outlast typical metal blinds, and are built with extra ultraviolet protection in their finish to preserve their great looks for years. Basswood blinds are offered in 24 exclusive designer finishes so you can accentuate your space’s color scheme or coordinate with your existing hardwood trim, floor, or furniture that you have in your home.

Polywood Blinds Options

Every set of Polywood Blinds we make are specifically tailored to your home’s needs. Take a look at how our blinds can fit your windows.

Polywood Blind Louver Width

 Available in 2 in. and 2 ½   in. louvers. Some options   only offered in one size.


 Faux Wood - 5 white & near-white   tones, 5 wood-   colored stains   available.

 Basswood - 24 exclusive designer finishes

 *Color matching available for wands/cords and tassels.

 Operating Options

Cord tilt comes  standard. Wand tilt and motorized blind options available.

Routeless blinds also available.

 3 ¼ in. Royal Crown valances offered.

 Cut-out Options

 Edge or Notch cut-outs available.


 Polywood Basswood and Faux Wood Blinds are backed by a limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects  (i.e. a flaw in the product design, materials or workmanship that causes the product to no longer function) for 3 years for the original owner.

All Polywood blinds are 100% U.S.-built and assembled.

Window Treatments made in America

Polywood Faux Wood Blinds Colors


Polywood Wood Blinds Colors


Sunburst Also Provides Vertical Blinds

Great for taller windows, glass doors and more, vertical blinds offer a completely different look from standard horizontal blinds. 

Vertical Blinds In Jacksonville, FL

With more than 200 stunning colors and textures of vertical blinds, we make it simple to find the style that’s right for you, with vertical blinds available in vinyl, fabric, or s-shaped vanes.

Sunburst Jacksonville Is Your Source for Blinds 

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