Can Shutters Be Installed on French Doors?

French doors are among the most elegant glass doors a house in Jacksonville can have. Yet they’re also challenging to cover with traditional window treatments. This is why customers adore our French door shutters in Jacksonville.

Custom plantation shutters in Jacksonville give you privacy, temperature control, and energy efficiency. They are offered in a host of custom paints and stains to go with your style. Whether you want a painted Polywood® shutter or a cozy Ovation® wood shutter, we can custom-craft the louvers to the shape of your French doors.

First, we measure the width and length of your door. Next, we record where the door handles go so that when we arrive at our warehouse, we can order your custom shutters in Jacksonville to let the handles operate effortlessly. Calling on cutting-edge computer software and over 35 years of experience, we construct your custom French door shutters and put on the colors and finishes.

Our expert installers mount the shutters on your French doors – and ensure the louvers can tilt open, giving you a beautiful view and shutters that are easy to clean. This allows you control over privacy and the level of light – without forfeiting elegance.

Curved or Square-Handle Cutout?

Depending on the style of shutters you prefer and the style of door handles you have, you can pick from a a curved or square-cut style for your door handle.

French Door Shutters

The curved cut-out may take up a larger area of glass than the square cut . That’s because the curve takes up more area to create the arc and may start higher and end lower than the tight corners of a polished rectangular cutout. The curved cutout provides lavish style to the pristine French door shutters.

French Door Shutters

In the end, it’s your choice as to which type matches your house the best.

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