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white plantation shutters covering a small window flanked with bookcases

How To Make Windows Look Bigger In Jacksonville

October 13, 2022

Windows come in various sizes, and there may be times an otherwise great Jacksonville house has windows that seem just aren’t adequate for its interior spaces. While you could undertake some expensive home makeovers to enlarge small windows, a few easy design ideas will generate the appearance of larger windows. All it takes is the proper window treatments to make small windows look bigger in Jacksonville.

Layer Curtains Over Interior Shutters Or Shades

white plantation shutters with curtains over small window in a bedroom

You typically don’t require another window treatment when using multi-functional interior shutters or top-notch window shades to supply you with privacy and sunlight control. With that being known, if you would like to make windows look bigger in Jacksonville, incorporating curtains with shutters or shades can help. Layers create depth and the appearance of additional space. And curtains do a great job of obscuring the actual size of a window.

The way you install curtains can make a small window look more substantial. To make a window seem taller, put the curtain rod a bit over the window and use floor-length curtains. If you’re trying to make a window appear more wide, use a hanging rod several inches wider than the window on either side and wide fabric panels. These methods dupe the mind into thinking a window is bigger than it is, and the additional size of the curtains is able to help a small window appear more appropriate for the area. 

Pick A Broad Plantation Shutter Frame To Function As Window Trim

large, luxurious bed in the middle of two smaller windows with white plantation shutters

You also have the ability to make a window look bigger by incorporating trim or wider trim. Or remedy two concerns at one time and hang Polywood® shutters with a broad frame. Polywood louvered shutters provide the most command over sunlight and privacy of any type of window covering. They also include an innovative system of insulation that inhibits temperature transfer and causes your windows to be better at conserving energy. You’re able to install Polywood shutters to take advantage of these money-saving characteristics and choose a wide shutter frame to help a small window appear bigger.

Install Striped Window Shades To Alter The Look Of The Window

Horizontal striped gray shades on a tall window within a breakfast nook area. 
Chances are you’ve heard that wearing vertical stripes is able to make you seem taller. The same trick makes sense for window treatments. Installing window shades with vertical stripes or a similar pattern on more compact windows causes the line of vision to rise and gives the illusion of a longer window, and horizontal stripes cause a window to appear wider. But if you’d prefer not to use stripes, you might also try a noticeable floral or abstract print to draw the eye and make small windows look bigger in Jacksonville.

Buy White Polywood Shutters That Pop On Walls Of Different Colors

two chairs and a small dice-themed table in front of a stairwell with shuttered covered small windows

This trick makes sense for walls with bright or dark paint. White Polywood shutters next to a rich color generate a dramatic contrast that highlights your window. The more intense the paint choice, the more the wall seems to move back, and the larger your white window frame looks.

Consult With Sunburst Shutters Jacksonville And Find Out How To Make Windows Look Bigger In Jacksonville

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