Estimating Plantation Shutter Costs in Jacksonville

Kevin McCormack

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There’s a lot of reasons that Jacksonville homeowners purchase plantation shutters. Their elegant looks, peerless energy efficiency, and discriminating light control are just some of the perks of choosing shutters as a window treatment. But if you’re planning a home design project, you want to be aware of final costs. “What do shutters cost?” is a question we usually hear during a consult.

Since every Jacksonville home is unique and there are so many shutter options to choose from, there’s never a solid answer to that question if a project isn’t fully assessed, and if a shutter company tells you an upfront quote without inquiring about your specific needs, you may not be getting what you want.

If you know the factors that might have an effect on the price of your shutter project, you can come to a ballpark estimation of your project cost. Let’s examine those variables.

What Can Affect Plantation Shutter Costs?

Since all Sunburst plantation shutters are custom-made for the windows in your home, the cost can fluctuate according to your individual needs. Below are the major factors that can have an effect on the cost of your shutters.

Hardwood shutters in Jacksonville living room.

The Material Your Shutters Are Made From

Our four varieties of plantation shutters are all composed of separate materials. Polywood® plantation shutters and Sunburst’s new Studio™ shutters are built from a faux-wood compound, Ovation® wood shutters are built from natural hardwood, and Reclaimed Wood shutters are built from converted wood.

Of these, Studio shutters tend to be the most cost-effective, as they’re designed especially to be the best combination of value and convenience. Polywood plantation shutters are also budget-friendly, since they’re 100% American-made, erasing costs of gathering and transporting natural material.

The Measurements of Your Windows

Typically, plantation shutters are priced based on square-footage, so naturally bigger window shutters will come with a higher price tag than those on small windows. Knowing the general dimensions of your windows may help you come up with an initial estimate, but don’t concern yourself too much with measuring as our project manager will get a precise measure for you during your complimentary home consultation.

Jacksonville rounded and square prices vary. 
Windows with unique shapes can also add to the price compared to typical rectangular or square windows, since they take more time and work to fit the exact dimensions and angles of your window. Specialty windows might also call for added work from the installer based on your existing frame and wall.

There are also a couple of other factors that might impact your shutter cost: frame style, the finish, or additional details like hidden tilt rods.

The point is that there are so many items that can influence the total that asking “what do shutters cost?” may be doing you an injustice by not giving you the full picture.

Plantation Shutters - Advantages Worth The Investment

Relative to some other window treatments you can get in Jacksonville, it’s true that plantation shutters might require you to invest a little more. Though if you consider the numerous advantages that only plantation shutters can give you, the investment is incredibly reasonable.

Energy Efficiency - Only plantation shutters offer top of the line insulation and energy efficiency. Polywood shutters in particular are able to block up to half of all heat transfer from your windows, while other window treatments can’t even come near that degree of insulation. That results in money saved on your home HVAC bills over time.

Lastingness - What’s the typical lifespan of a set of blinds or shades? A couple of, maybe more, if you’re fortunate. Each time you replace one of those cheap window treatments is extra money out of your pocket and more time taken from your weekend. But when you purchase plantation shutters on your windows, you know that you’re installing a window treatment that will last a lifetime. We guarantee it.

Home Value - The typical homebuyer does a lot of research, and they’re aware of the value of plantation shutters. So, just like beautiful hardwood floors or sparkling new appliances, plantation shutters can boost home resale value.

Aesthetics - Perhaps more than any other reason, plantation shutters are so popular because they just look fantastic. No other window covering offers the same timeless aesthetic or the particular look and simple elegance as shutters.

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