The Best Plantation Shutters In Amelia Island

Nothing offers more grace and beauty to the windows in your house than plantation shutters, and no company knows more about plantation shutters than us. Since 1996, we have helped countless people upgrade their windows and enrich their space with stunning plantation shutters in Amelia Island.

As Amelia Island’s top local shutter provider, we’re invested in our customers – and it shows in every detail. From your initial in-home consultation through custom installation, ours is an easy process that gives you the best plantation shutters in Amelia Island.

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Interior Shutters - Amelia Island’s Favorite Window Treatment

Several homeowners in Amelia Island have chosen interior shutters to bring awesome fashion to their homes. Why are plantation shutters some of their favorite window treatments? Here’s just a few reasons:

  • Aesthetics - Interior plantation shutters are elegant and timeless due to their austerity and crisp lines. They complement a variety of fashions, hues, and even other window treatments. And because they can be made to cover any kind of window they can be installed on any window in your home.

  • Durability - Some window treatments like blinds break within a few years and will require regular replacing. However our shutters are made to last dozens of years. Despite the constant sun beating down in Amelia Island, plantation shutters won’t lose their color, crack, or chip.

  • Temperature Control & Energy Efficiency - Interior shutters insulate your home from one of its worse temperature leaks – your windows. Shutters’ r-value beats drapes, blinds, or shades which means less heat transfer and lower heating bills.

Amelia Island’s Top Faux Wood Shutter is Polywood

For every reason plantation shutters are Amelia Island homeowners’ top window covering, Polywood® plantation shutters provide those benefits and more.

Built from a unique solid engineered wood substitute, Polywood shutters are 100% impervious to chips or cracks, and aren’t able to warp or split. They’re definitely the strongest shutter sold in Amelia Island. What’s more, they’re 100% moisture-proof and fire-resistant, so even the worst disaster won’t faze them.

Polywood shutters are available in a range of white and off-white shades, with available wood-like stains for a darker and richer tone. Their timeless design, broad louvers, and bold lines make these shutters a uniquely beautiful part of any space, no matter the type or age.

Our patented Polywood material, with the custom weatherstripping that’s included with our shutters, makes Polywood plantation shutters by far the most energy efficient window covering out there. Polywood shutters can prevent nearly 50% of the energy loss through your windows, which means lower HVAC bills for you.

Not to mention, Polywood shutters are made right here in the USA.

Warm Up Your Room With Wood Shutters In Amelia Island

Real wood shutters such as Ovation® wood shutters in Amelia Island give warmth and depth to any space. Built out of solid, furniture-grade wood, Ovation shutters are a beautiful window covering made to seamlessly fit your windows. Customizable with 28 colors, Ovation wood shutters are able to complement any style in your home so you get exactly the look you want.

For a more natural wood shutter, consider our reclaimed wood shutters which are made from repurposed wood from several different sources. Every shutter is individual and has beautiful divots, wood grains, and textures that come together to create not only a stunning window covering, but also a one-of-a-kind accessory for your space.

Sunburst Creates Custom Shutters for Amelia Island

The Sunburst Shutters shutter-making process is a wholly unique one, and allows us to offer the best custom shutters in Amelia Island. Here’s how our shutter process goes from beginning to end:

  • Make a call to 904-289-1663 or fill out a consultation request online to arrange an in-home consultation with one of our window treatment professionals.

  • Your Sunburst Shutters rep comes out to your home to measure your windows for you, show you all your shutter and window covering options, and suggest design tips.

  • Choose your favorite window treatment from our vast catalogue and complete your order.

  • A short time later, our install team comes back to your home to put in your brand-new custom shutters while you relax and watch the magic happen.

And that’s it–you can get high-quality custom shutters in Amelia Island without ever leaving your home. Since our experts are there with you to help every step of the process, you’ll get shutters that are perfectly customized to your space.

Sunburst Offers Blinds & Shades in Amelia Island, Too

Although shutters is in our name, they’re definitely not the only window treatment we offer. From blinds to shades and more, Sunburst is your local shop for any window treatment in Amelia Island.


Amelia Island Shades

The cleanliness and low maintenance of shades are difficult to beat. We offer the highest quality Honeycomb shades, Roman shades, and woven shades–with tons of choices in colors, textures, patterns and more.

Amelia Island Polywood Blinds

We didn’t stop at creating the best shutters in Amelia Island. Polywood Blinds give you the resilience and longevity of Polywood with the easy operation and clean design of blinds. With configurations available in basswood and faux wood, with tons of options including wand or tilt cords and valances, Polywood Blinds answer that old question of “Is it possible to build a better blind?”

Choose Sunburst for your Amelia Island Window Treatment Needs

It’s more than our award-winning products that makes Sunburst Shutters Amelia Island’s #1 source for window treatments. It’s also our dedication to customer care, our history of work in home fashions and the shutter industry, our consumer-direct prices, and our ability to aid you through every part of the window treatment process.

So give Sunburst Shutters Jacksonville a call today to begin. We’re happy to serve Amelia Island and the nearby area for any window covering needs. Call 904-289-1663 now and give your windows the treatment they need.